The 5-Step Game Plan My Clients Use to Identify Their True Calling, Move into the PERFECT Position for Them, and Finally Get the Recognition They Deserve

 (...without sacrificing financial security.)









In This Free Masterclass You’ll Discover...

  • The step-by-step strategy my clients are using to stop settling for a job that is draining them and transition into something that truly lights them up.
  • Why it isn't necessary to choose purpose OR a paycheck – how to have BOTH.
  • The unique strategy my clients use to discover their hidden talents and abilities and turn them into the fulfilling career they deserve.
  • How to get the clarity needed in order to identify a job or career that inspires you... even when you have no clue what you want to do and have been in the same industry for years!
  • Learn the secret to taking the BOLD action that's necessary to transition smoothly and confidently into a dream job - one that is aligned with the kind of legacy you want to build.
  • AND how to do all of this without giving up financial security, mental sanity or freedom.

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Presented by...

Danielle Posa

Danielle is the founder of The Wellbeing Hacker and helps people live meaningful, passionate, regret-free lives. She's also a former Management Consultant at Gallup, leads workshops with Deepak Chopra on conscious leadership and wellbeing, and is a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.


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