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"Working with Danielle Posa has been a transformational experience. Before I met Danielle, I was asleep about wellbeing, it was something I ignored. After a short time of working with her, I had a new relationship to wellbeing, not just for me but for my team, my clients and the people in my life. She is authentic, thorough, great to work with - she is the real deal. Her knowledge on wellbeing surpasses anyone I have encountered in this area, you just can't argue with her research and results!"

Afrin Khan
Founder, Red Elephant

"Danielle is highly trained, experienced and masterful in her ability to create a monumental shift in leaders’ perspectives on the importance of improving overall “quality of life” in our culture. Through her unique wellbeing framework, she’s able to create clarity around all the factors that influence our health & vitality and she provides a clear pathway on how and where to start. I am deeply honored to have her in my life."

Martin Cohen
International Best-Selling Author

"Danielle has an extraordinary ability to blend intelligent, rigorous, fact-based analysis about the price we are paying for demanding work at all costs with an inner glow, spirit and quantifiable potential for the possibility of truly thriving. She creates an inescapable logic for the value to organizations in cultivating wellbeing - for our workplaces, for our lives and for our world."

Heather Smith
Director of Strategy, The Good Toy Group

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