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  • ALL of the major components of wellbeing & everything that is influencing your quality of life on a daily basis.
  • Best practices for improving every area of your life - from your work, relationships, and overall health.
  • The facts... You'll know exactly what to expect when you make changes in your life because we'll share the research and the proof that it works!


  • Performance AND purpose driven - you’re someone who is highly ambitious in life, and always looking for ways to get an edge. But you also value balance. And you are committed to living a fulfilling life.
  • Endlessly Curious - you have a natural love of learning. You always look for opportunities to improve your “self” and your life.
  • Action-oriented - you like to learn but you also want to take action. You don't wait around for other people to make things happen. You like to grab life by the horns, make progress and measure that progress.
Get the FREE Wellbeing Book List

What Makes The WELLBEING HACKER Different?

Performance Based

The Wellbeing Hacker is completely performance based. The methods recommended are guaranteed to have an impact on your life and your work.

Research Driven

The information & suggestions on this site are grounded in research so that you know the work. And knowing the research helps give you more leverage to take action.

Comprehensive & Curated

We’ve literally scoured the globe, both on and offline, to find the best information, tools, ideas & resources for you. So you can have everything you need in ONE place.


Our assessment makes it possible to track your progress over time. Wellbeing can be an ambiguous topic. By measuring it you'll know where you stand & if you're getting better.

Clear Roadmap

We know that it's hard to know where to start and what to prioritize when it comes to improving your life. Our course roadmap makes it easy.


After working with and from the world's TOP experts in wellbeing, happiness, and human behavior - you can trust that everything you learn is highly credible and reliable.

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