The Wellbeing Hacker Has 7 Core Offerings

We serve the Wellbeing Hacker community through One-on-One Consulting, Online Courses, Live Events, Company Workshops, Public Speaking, and Wellbeing Retreats. More details below...

Live Events

Danielle develops and leads live, open enrollment courses. Recently, she launched a new course with Deepak Chopra called Workplace Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership. To learn more, or to purchase the video version, click the button below.

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One-on-One Wellbeing Consulting

Using a unique framework, comprehensive wellbeing assessment, and in-depth discussion we work together to improve your wellbeing. Learn more and schedule a call with me.

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Workplace Wellbeing Consulting

Interested in bringing wellbeing into your organization but not sure where to start? Danielle works with you to develop a plan and help you set it in motion. 

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Our online courses are the easiest, and most accessible way to start your wellbeing journey.

Online courses provide a step-by-step process to help you live your very best life. Dive into the research behind wellbeing, and start creating results in your life RIGHT NOW!

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Public Speaking

Danielle speaks publicly on various topics related to maximizing quality of life, as well as her personal experience with having cancer as a kid. Her speeches have been tailored for a variety of audiences; business, non-profit, and young people. If you’re interested in having her speak for your organization, click the button below or contact her directly.

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Company Workshops

Danielle facilitates group training seminars for employees and managers. Groups usually consist of up to 25 people and the content includes a deep-dive into best practices of wellbeing, engagement, management and leadership. Want to know more? Click below.

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Global Wellbeing Retreats

These are not your typical wellbeing retreats. I study the research to find the locations around the world that have the highest rates of wellbeing and happiness and we spend at least 5 days getting immersed in the culture, and learning first hand the best practices for maximizing your quality of life. If you’re interested in being notified when the next retreat is scheduled, click the button below.

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