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Employee Workshop

Are you interested in bringing wellbeing practices into your organization but you don’t know where to start?
Now-a-days it’s important that your employees feel that you care about them, and the lives they lead both inside and outside of work.

Most people feel overworked and overwhelmed. These workshops give employees a chance to step away from the “normal” workday to think about all aspects of their life. And they walk away feeling that your company is committed to their overall growth and happiness.

A Wellbeing Hacker Workshop is the perfect starting point.

Workshops are educational and interactive. They are conducted in a half or full day training and work best in teams of 15-25 people.

The objective of the session is to empower employees to maximize their own wellbeing in the midst of a busy workday.

Content of the session includes addressing each area of life that must be managed properly to maintain balance - work, social, financial, physical & community.

This is NOT a workshop solely focused on physical health & wellness. It is comprehensive in nature, focusing on improving employees sense of vitality, balance, and thereby elevating performance.

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Employees will learn...

  • The research & science behind wellbeing and the results they can expect
  • How to instill a greater sense of purpose in their work on a daily basis
  • How to maximize their relationships - in the office and at home - and the key relationships to focus on
  • The basics of managing their physical health, and strategies they can implement in the office
  • How to improve their financial wellbeing without increasing your income - tactics for “buying happiness”
  • How to make the most of the community they are a part of in order to explore their passions

Manager & Executive Workshop

To improve the wellbeing of any company or workgroup, it MUST be a top-down approach.

This workshop is geared towards leadership and management and will help you understand new methods for boosting wellbeing and engagement within your workgroup or your company.

Often, the reason why many programs don’t work is because there isn’t enough buy-in from the leadership. As a leader or manager, you must understand the fundamentals of wellbeing for yourself, before you can expect wellbeing to come to life in the organization

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You will learn...

  • The research & science behind wellbeing and the results you can expect in your life and at work
  • What wellbeing means for you in your own life - creating more balance for yourself as a leader
  • Key drivers of employee engagement & the unique influence your wellbeing has on those you manage
  • How to empower your employees with what they need to boost their own wellbeing
  • How to drive wellbeing in your organization with specific strategies
  • What the major influencers are of wellbeing in any organization and how to leverage them

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