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The Wellbeing Hacker provides ways to improve your personal wellbeing through One-on-One Consulting, Online Courses, Live Events, Global Retreats, Tools & Assessments. More details below...

Download My List of Top Wellbeing Books & Quotes

I've read countless books on happiness and wellbeing. And a lot of these focus on the actual science and research behind living a great life which will help give you clarity on what parts of your life are best to work on. And you'll also find some of my favorite quotes. Click below to download the full list!


Want a More Meaningful Career?

Stop settling for a job that is draining and transition into something that truly lights you up. Do work that matters. Find out if you're a fit for the Legacy Builder Program


Live Events

Danielle develops and leads live, open enrollment courses. In 2016, she launched a powerful course with Deepak Chopra called Workplace Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership. To learn more, or to purchase the video version, click the button below.

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Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

If you absolutely refuse to settle in life, and looking for someone to hold you accountable to that, apply for coaching below. We only work with highly committed individuals.


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