Why Should You Hack Your Wellbeing?

because.... ONLY 7% of people around the world are thriving in ALL areas of life!


As many as 25% of Americans have workaholic addiction


60-90% of doctor visits are to treat stress-related conditions


350+ mil people worldwide suffer from depression


22+ million people in US are using illegal drugs and 12+ million are using prescription painkillers


People report feeling lonely on average 48 days per year


Since the 1950s US income per person has doubled with NO change in reported levels of happiness


Almost 9 million use prescription sleep aids and 30% + in US and UK are not getting enough sleep 

Job Satisfaction

Only 20% of people around the world say that they are engaged in their work

But the good news is... People who are happy and thriving experience more success in nearly every domain of life including work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity and energy…

Hacking your wellbeing can help you overcome challenges in your life, get rid of bad habits, capitalize on opportunities, achieve your goals and be more productive in your personal life AND at work.
Did you know? Individuals with poor wellbeing only produce 64% of possible work output, while those with excellent well-being produce 83%
Start Hacking Your Wellbeing

Here are the benefits you can expect when you start hacking!


Only 8% of employees strongly agree that they have higher overall wellbeing because of their employer, and 29% think that their job is a detriment to their overall wellbeing.


High employee wellbeing can boost everything from overall engagement in their jobs, to teamwork, productivity, and even profit.

Happy employees have produce higher sales, perform better in leadership positions, and receive higher performance ratings. They are less likely to take sick days, to quit or to become burned out.

When you increase wellbeing in your organization...

  • Work OUTPUT of a team increases from 61% to 81% 
  • The cost of TURNOVER per employee is 35% lower than that of those who are struggling in their wellbeing
  • Employees PLAN TO STAY at their organizations two years longer than peers with poor or average wellbeing
  • In study on executives, those who exercised regularly were 70% BETTER AT MAKING COMPLEX DECISIONS than their counterparts
  • JOB SATISFACTION doubles - 89% of those with excellent wellbeing are satisfied with their jobs, whereas only 44% of employees with poor wellbeing say the same
  • 75% of employees report improved overall PRODUCTIVITY at work
  • Employees have reduced risk of ANXIETY & DEPRESSION
  • Employees are more likely to GIVE MONEY to their community, and they give at least 2 times more money than people in less engaged teams
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