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Do any of these sound like you?

✔  You're looking to improve your own personal wellbeing as a manager or leader within your organization.

✔  You're trying to improve the wellbeing and engagement of your team or workgroup. 

✔  You are a wellbeing ambassador but you are struggling to create buy-in amongst the leadership team.

✔  You are looking to develop a long-term wellbeing strategy for your team or entire organization.



  • Knowing where to start or coming up with a plan
  • Finding credible wellbeing research online
  • Understanding what wellbeing actually means, how it's different than wellness, mindfulness etc...
  • Figuring out how to make wellbeing part of your culture

Why Me?

Why should you trust me? What makes me different?

Wellbeing isn’t just my passion, it’s part of who I am. I literally live and breathe this stuff.

I had cancer as a kid, and so this is a topic I’ve been fascinated with almost my entire life. I’m constantly, and continuously searching for the most compelling concepts, methods, and research around what it means to live a great life.

I’ve also studied and taught along side some of the most world re-known experts on wellbeing, human behavior, and self-development.

And, as a former Management Consultant at Gallup, I’m grounded in the world’s best research on wellbeing and I know what it takes to maximize human potential in the workplace.

Here Are Your Options

Find the one that best suits your needs - then schedule a call with me so we can talk about which one is best for you.

OPTION #1: 2-Hour Brainstorming Session 

This is an opportunity to talk about your specific needs, brainstorm your ideas, and give you a place to start. What do you need help with? Maybe you have a specific question about where to start implementing a wellbeing plan. Maybe you need to work through something your team is struggling with. This is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered, hash it out, and give you clarity on how to begin. After the call you will receive a well-thought out follow up email with suggested next steps, and recommended resources. 

OPTION #2: Map It Out

This is a great option for when you need a plan. In this option you get 5-hours worth of calls. On the first call we'll discuss what you're looking to accomplish. You might need to prepare a wellbeing pitch to your leadership team, or you'd like to improve the wellbeing of your entire workgroup but you don't know how. Once I have a sense of what you need, I design a customized draft plan for your team. Then we review it together to make sure you feel comfortable with it and to decide if changes need to be made before getting a final copy.

BONUS: Get $500 OFF a Wellbeing Workshop for your team

OPTION #3: Make It Happen

If you're serious about building a sustainable wellbeing strategy for your team or organization, this is a great option for you. We will work together over the course of 2 months to come up with a strategy, design a plan, and MAKE IT HAPPEN. Throughout this time, we will be in continuous communication. The goal is help you set it in motion, and give you the information and resources you need in order to do so.

BONUS: Get $500 OFF a Wellbeing Workshop for your team

ADDITIONAL BONUS: Get FREE access ($249 Value) to the Workplace Wellbeing & Soul of Leadership Online Course with Danielle & Deepak Chopra

OPTION #4: Book a Wellbeing Workshop

Sometimes the best way to launch your wellbeing strategy is by getting your team into one room together. In a Wellbeing Workshop, your team will learn the secrets to maximizing their wellbeing in all areas of life. These sessions are a great way for employees to bond with fellow teammates, and have conversations about what matters to them, what they're struggling with, and what they can do about it.


All Options Include a FREE Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

As soon as you make your purchase, you will receive a link to The Wellbeing Hacker Workplace Assessment. It will enable both of us to get a sense of what you're currently doing and not doing when it comes to wellbeing, and it will help you figure out exactly where you need to start.


The next step is to schedule a FREE call with me to discuss which option makes the most sense for you, your team, or your organization. All you need to do is click the button below to get access to my calendar. I look forward to connecting with you!

Here’s What People Say…

Afrin Khan

Founder, Red Elephant

Working with Danielle Posa has been a transformational experience. Before I met Danielle, I was asleep about Wellbeing, it was something I ignored. After a short time of working with her, I had a new relationship to Wellbeing, not just for me but for my team, my clients and the people in my life. She is authentic, thorough, great to work with - she is the real deal. Her knowledge on well being surpasses anyone I have encountered in this area, you just can't argue with her research and results!

Ellenit Serrano

Vice President Global Loyalty and Managed Services

Danielle has a unique way of marrying facts and our day to day experiences to present the case for well-being in a way most can relate to. This coupled with her life experience and authentic passion for leading individuals and organizations along the path to well-being make her an inspiring facilitator and coach on this subject. After going through her framework and curriculum I was not only inspired to take action, I was able to leverage the tools obtained from this program to gain endorsement to launch a comprehensive well-being program within our organization. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the positive feedback and engagement across all levels in the organization so far.

Carlos Lejneiks

CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters

I’ve worked with Danielle Posa for over six years and I’ve come to appreciate that there are few people as talented and insightful as Danielle when it comes to effectively connecting matters of well-being into our workplace and beyond. She asks the right questions, is driven by data, offers wonderful resources and seeks elevated ground for organizations.

Heather Smith

Director of Strategy, The Good Toy Group

Danielle has an extraordinary ability to blend intelligent, rigorous, fact-based analysis about the price we are paying for demanding work at all costs with an inner glow, spirit and quantifiable potential for the possibility of truly thriving. She creates an inescapable logic for the value to organizations in cultivating wellbeing - for our workplaces, for our lives and for our world.

Jodi Waterman

Director of Operations, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Danielle has a vitality, spirit and energy that truly embodies every aspect of human wellbeing. Her experience with childhood cancer has clearly given her a gift to be shared with all who desire to live their best life, and to learn how to not only thrive but to create the environments that enable others to do so as well. She is intelligent, engaging, and passionate as she shares her valuable knowledge of the positive impacts of cultivating wellbeing in an organization. My experience working with Danielle has enabled me to not only create my own best personal and professional life, at a critical time, but to also share these tools of wellbeing as a corporate leader and yoga teacher.

Martin Cohen

International Best-Selling Author

Danielle is highly trained, experienced and masterful in her ability to create a monumental shift in leaders’ perspectives on the importance of improving overall “quality of life” in our culture. Through her unique wellbeing framework for organizations, she’s able to create clarity around all the factors that influence our health & vitality and she provides a clear pathway on how and where to start. I am deeply honored to have her in my life.



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