5 Steps BEFORE Launching a Wellbeing Strategy

workplace wellbeing Mar 14, 2019
You might be anxious to roll out a yoga program in your organization. But that's NOT a comprehensive wellbeing program that will truly last. Yes, it's a step in the right direction, but you need to build the proper foundation first. 
Start with these steps:
1. 💭 Shift your perspective. Stop thinking about a wellness program and start thinking about creating a wellbeing education. Now more than ever, it's hard to retain employees. Many are overqualified, they want more "meaning and purpose" in their job, and they want to do interesting work! So make your workplace a place where employees are learning how to get better at work & life. Surround them with ways to learn and grow - this can be in the form of a wellbeing training and development program, online learning opportunities, and/or tools & resources that help them achieve their goals. 
2. 🤓 Know the facts. No matter what your role or influence is within your organization, if you're an ambassador of wellbeing you've got to "put your own mask on first." In other words, YOU have to learn the research and understand the foundational concepts around wellbeing before you try to get anyone else on board. Knowing the "business case for wellbeing" will help ground you in WHY wellbeing is SO IMPORTANT for your team. The facts give you the reason to keep going... when the going gets tough. And you'll have the confidence to get more people involved. (Check out my free download - Workplace Wellbeing Stats & Hacks)
3.💡 Create leadership buy-in.  Once you're armed with the facts and have shifted your mindset, it's time to get the leadership team on board (or your colleagues if you're developing this only for your team.) Put together a well-thought-out presentation, including things like the research or business case for wellbeing, current wellbeing trends, specific needs for wellbeing within your organization, potential & expected results etc. Obviously, customize "the pitch" based on your audience and company.
4. 🔍 Identify the wellbeing ambassadors. Sometimes companies make the mistake of having someone in charge of wellbeing who really doesn't care about it. You have to find the people who not only CARE but who are naturally passionate about wellbeing. Sometimes, these are the people who are ABOUT TO LEAVE your company to become yoga instructors, wellness coaches, or entrepreneurs.... because they are committed to living a balanced life. So, email your team or company, and let them know you're looking for wellbeing ambassadors to be in charge of your strategy.
5. 📈 Assess your current state. If you have NO CLUE where your team currently stands, in terms of wellbeing... then how will you know where to start?? You've got to get a sense of what to prioritize. You'll want to assess things like whether or not your employees are currently engaged and thriving, if the physical work environment is constructed properly to maximize wellbeing, if you have the right flexible work policies in place etc. (For help on developing your wellbeing assessment - fill out my contact form.)

Once you do all that, you'll be ready to get started :)

And remember.... 
"Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first." - Simon Sinek

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