Longevity Secret #2: Avoid Catastrophizing.

longevity Jun 23, 2019
This is the second blog of the Longevity Series and based on the findings of The Longevity Project - an 8-decade study on what leads to good health and a long life. To read the first blog, click here.
According to research, your quality of life can be broken down into two major buckets: 
1. Evaluative Wellbeing: How you think about and perceive the overall condition of your life.


2. Experiential Wellbeing: How you are actually experiencing...

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Longevity Secret #1: Be Conscientious.

longevity Apr 04, 2019

Since yesterday was my birthday, I thought it would be a good time to talk about longevity.

This is a topic I’ve been looking into a lot lately because my retreat in Costa Rica will take place in a “blue zone” - one of just a handful of places around the world where groups of people are living past 100.

So after doing a lot of “hacking” into longevity, and reading countless “longevity lists” that all had general, underwhelming...

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