Does Being Attractive Make You Happy?

body Sep 24, 2017

If you take a look at what's in the media today… you’ve probably already noticed that the majority of the news and articles focus on two things; money 💰 and beauty 💄. And usually, the headlines are somehow insinuating that more of either or more both of those things is what we should be striving for…

We glorify the richest people, the most profitable companies, the countries with the highest GDP, and the most powerful stocks 📈. Women should focus on reducing wrinkles, losing fat, and maintaining youth. And men should get more “jacked” and buy fancy suits and watches ⌚️.

👉🏻And this might be okay if people were happier and more satisfied with their lives as a result of these things… but the reality is. They’re not ☹️.

So what's the role that your attractiveness plays in your overall satisfaction with your life?

Between the year 2000 and 2016, the number of breast augmentation surgeries has increased by 37%, the number of overall cosmetic procedures has increased by 215%, and the number of Botox procedures has increased a staggering 759%❗️ 

And although people were reported 'satisfied' with their post-surgery appearances, it was only for a short period of time.

Changes in appearance can provide us with short happiness boosts but when it comes to long-lasting, deep satisfaction with our lives there are other things that matter much more to us. ❤️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

And if it’s just a happiness boost that you’re after, you might as well just go grab a cocktail with a friend.

In another interesting study on the link between happiness (subjective wellbeing) and attractiveness, a group of people were evaluated based on their “objective” attractiveness, vs. their opinion or perception of their own beauty.

And what they found was that the happiest participants tended to believe they were attractive even if the judges didn’t regard them as any better looking than the others in the study. 💡

The study also suggested that happy people seem to be particularly skilled at enhancing their natural beauty.

Think about it, isn’t there something naturally attractive about a happy, pleasant person? Beauty is created through energy ✨. 

So it's important to focus on increasing your inner happiness, your fulfillment, and your sense of self thereby affecting your attractiveness without invasive surgeries, and tons of makeup💋.

And coming to believe that you are beautiful is the real happiness booster.

Who you are on the outside is a reflection of who you are on the inside.

So in summary, believing you are attractive makes you happy. And being happy makes you attractive.

Happiness first 😁, beauty second. 


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