[Free Download] 😲 Are You Cheating on Your Loved One with Your Phone?

Well.... are you? πŸ€£ 

  • Did you sleep with it?
  • Do you give it your undivided attention?
  • Is it always on your mind?
  • Did you take it to lunch or even worse... dinner???!! 😨
  • Do you want it by your side at all times?
  • Is it the first thing you interact with when you wake up in the morning?
  • Do you sneak it into the shower?

Well, consider yourself caught! 

Odds are your phone is creating a gap between you and your loved ones. But as long as it doesn't get as bad as in this scene from 'Her', you should be okay πŸ˜‰.

Did you know….

* People now check their smartphones 150 times per day or every six minutes? πŸ™ˆ  (and this was in 2013!)
* The average person now spends more than 8 hours a day on their phone and laptop (more time than they spend sleeping).

And I don’t have the exact stat on this but I’d say that as a result, we have a ZERO PERCENT chance of being fully engaged in life and in the moment if we’re this consumed by our devices.


Some of you might say it’s inevitable - that it’s an uphill battle and that we should just give in.

So here’s what I say to that. Technology is not the problem. Our devices are tools.

And as conscious and highly evolved human beings we get to choose how we let these tools and these devices influence our life.

The key is being aware enough to notice when you are being the influencER or the influencEE.

Here’s a little assessment βœοΈ  to help you determine which side you’re on:

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Agree or Disagree?

* Whenever something interesting happens in my life, I grab my phone to snap a photo.
* I feel the need to instantly respond to almost all communications otherwise it weighs on me.
* I sleep with my phone next to my bed. πŸ›Œ
* I check my phone within the first 15 minutes of waking up in the morning.
* I use my phone as my alarm clock.
* I bring my phone to the dinner table.
* I frequently check my social media accounts to see how many likes and followers I’ve gained. πŸ‘πŸ»
* I rarely or never turn my phone off.
* My phone is almost always within 5 feet of my reach.
* I never take breaks from my phone - giving myself time to read, go for a walk, spend time with a loved one - without it nearby.

If you agree with most or all of these statements you aren’t alone. Unfortunately, it has become the norm.

The big problem is that we are missing out on the juiciness of life as a result. πŸŒ…

...because when that sunset comes along, we aren’t letting it absorb into our souls. It’s way more important to keep a record of these moments in your mind and in your heart than it is to store it in your never-ending black hole of photos.

And I bet that a HUGE source of your stress and anxiety comes from your device - because it creates this façade that every little tiny ounce of time we have should be consumed by something we need to do, read, watch, learn about, and share. FOMO is REAL.

In summary, we are less fulfilled, less centered, and WAY less focused.

So what can you do? How do you become the “influencer”? How do you have technology be the accelerant, the enabler, and the platform for you to achieve everything you want in life. It has ENORMOUS power today. We just have to leverage it for what WE TRULY WANT and not the other way around.

Here’s your technology cheatsheet βœ….

[Click here for the FREE downloadable version]

  1. πŸ’ͺ🏻 Know what you want, and how your technology is helping you get it. 
  2. πŸ• Be intentional about your social media use - only checking it at certain times a day (as a break) and for a finite period of time. 
  3. πŸ’€ Don’t sleep with your phone nearby. It’s actually bad for your health. Instead, buy an alarm clock.  
  4. 🚢🏽‍♀️ When you wake up, give yourself AT LEAST 30 minutes before looking at your phone. Do a mindful activity first. Meditate. Go for a walk. Read. Write. Watch the sunrise. 
  5. 🍝 Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table.  Be fully present with the person you are eating with. If you’re eating alone, be present with yourself and with your food. 
  6. πŸ“΄ Turn off notifications. Remove the little red number from your applications if it temps you to open the app unnecessarily (you can do this on the iPhone). 
  7. πŸ“© Only check emails at specific times per day. Otherwise, keep your notifications off, and the app closed on your computer. If you’re worried about missing a VERY important email, make that person a VIP in your phone. 
  8. ⁉️ Before you post to social media, ask yourself “why am I posting this?” And if you have a shallow answer, don’t post. 
  9.  πŸ“· If you feel the need to take a picture, first PAUSE. Take in the moment for at least several seconds, to take in the moment, before taking your phone out.
  10. πŸ›€ Practice spending time without your phone. Start with 15 minutes of reading without it by your side, and eventually build up to having entire weekends with it turned off. (Feel free to alert your family and friends so that they don’t get worried and so that you aren’t worried about them needing to reach you.)
  11. πŸ“±Re-evaluate your apps. Do you have apps that enhance your wellbeing in all areas? Apps that help with your health, managing your money, make you more organized, and that help you learn about the things you care about.
  12. 🚫 Remove apps from your main screen that you are addicted to - having to find them in a folder, or on the next screen helps a lot! Like that shopping app, or Instagram.
  13. πŸ“š  Read: The Power of Off by Nancy Colier

I promise that when you start doing these things you’ll feel more empowered, less stressed, and more present in life.

You’ll start to expose the deep intelligence and wisdom that lies within us as human beings by eliminating distraction.

When we release ourselves from being used by technology and instead become aware and conscious…. technology gives us the power to conquer the world 🌎.

If you want to take the FIRST STEP and ADMIT you have a problem πŸ™‹πŸ½ - feel free to confess in the comments below :)


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