One Key Money Hack You Need to Know in order to BUY Happiness

money Jun 26, 2017

As of 2011, the #1 item on kids' Christmas lists was.... The iPad.

So, it goes without saying that we might need a bit of a wake-up call in terms of how to spend our money. We don’t have a clear understanding of how to truly use money as a tool to enhance our quality of life. Too often, we have been led to believe that more money is the end goal - but it’s really only a means to an end. And luckily, there’s now a ton of science to prove it.

So how do we really...

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Thinking vs. Thoughting: 4 ways to Induce the AHA Moments that Can Change your life

Here’s how I define an 'aha moment’….

a tiny instance in time where we realize something that drastically impacts and alters the probable and predictable path of our lives. 

These aha moments help us realize what truly matters to us in life. They tell us when to make a change, or give us the solution to that big problem we’ve been trying to solve. 

But, a true aha moment can be hard to come by. The most authentic 'ahas' are induced by a near-death...

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